A reusable bag produced by Syfel is a reflection of quality, workmanship and durability at competitive pricing.

Our business minded, brand-focused approach has launched profitable yet affordable reusable bag programs for supermarkets, retails stores, restaurants, trade shows and more.

Over the years, our team has developed an array of product lines and applications of reusable bags for different industries who appreciate socially responsible marketing. With our team overseas, we are always researching new more sustainable solutions for you.

Our bags are manufactured using any of these materials including: Polypropylene Woven or Non-woven, PET (made from plastic bottles), Cotton/Canvas, Jute, Juco, and Rpet (Recycled Polyester). These options are with or without lamination, sublimation or screen printing.

All of our products adhere to Eco and Labor Standards, ISO, SGS, TUV, Rhineland, Prop 65 Certificates. Rigorous chemical testing, heavy metals free and are compliant to all government regulations.

Our custom manufacturing program allows you to choose the size, shape, materials, printed graphics and various finishing options which best suits your requirements and support your unique vision. Our in-house design team is looking forward to working with you. All of our bags are a better solution for the planet.


Our Envi reusable grocery bag program is an eco-friendly practical solution to replace single-use plastic bags. All of our reusable grocery are made to hold up to 35 pounds and will last for up to two years or 125 uses.

Today’s consumers are more aware than ever of the effects single use plastic bags have on the environment. Which is why more consumers are using reusable bags when they shop. This creates an opportunity for you to customize your reusable bags with your brand and targeted message.

Not just for carrying groceries, your customers use their bags for all the things they carry taking your brand and message with them everywhere. We make bags according to your specifications and requirements.


Our line of reusable shopping bags is the ideal marketing tool to bring awareness to your brand by having your customers become your walking advertisers and supporters. Today’s shopper is more environmentally conscious than ever and will support businesses that reflect their values.

We will support your efforts to meet your customers’ needs. We offer an array of different fabrics, finishes at very competitive prices and all are better than the single use plastic bag. Do your part to keep plastics out of our oceans and landfills.


Our reusable bottles bags are specifically designed with collapsible insert to safely hold 2, 4 or 6 bottles, but don’t limit yourself to use them only for wine and spirits.

These bags can be used to carry soda bottles, water bottles, juice and milk containers and when not used to carry bottles they can be used for all the things you carry.

With its multi-function and versatile design, these bags can adapt to hold bottles of different shapes and sizes and can be branded to suit your needs in style and purpose.


Some like it hot others prefer it cold. Either way we have the insulated bag or foldable box for you! Whether for a picnic, your favorite takeaway food or to keep your groceries at the right temperature. All of these bags and boxes come in different fabrics. You can have an insulated interior made of a 2mm aluminum EPE foil interior or an EPE PEVA interior.


Our custom bags are ideal for tradeshows, conventions, conferences and special events.  With the ability to fully customize your bag with your brand or messaging, this ideal marketing tool is an effective way to bring attention and awareness to the brand.

All of these event bags are laminated non-woven polypropylene. Make your event memorable by offering your attendees a reusable bag with style and purpose.

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