We at Syfel know that going green is as much about smart marketing as it is about smart living. That’s why we deliver more than just a bag. Our  dynamic team of experts has launched profitable yet affordable, reusable and fashionable bag programs in both North America and Europe.


Custom Fabrication

We are here to assist you in creating your custom bags and offer you an easy, seamless experience with a wide range of reusable materials to choose from.  Give us your specifications and our staff will ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Scroll down to see our collections.


We pride ourselves in manufacturing our bags using recycled materials to create reusable and sustainable products, which have the potential to make a great difference to the environment and our planet. Our materials such as Stitch bond (R-PET), Cotton Canvas, R-PET, Jute and Juco are durable and eco-friendly.

Quality Control

We strive to exceed your expectations and have built a strong reputation for reliability! With this in mind, we have employees dedicated overseas, which monitor the manufacturing process from pre-production to ready-to-ship final inspection. This process enables us to produce top quality products.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to educate consumers to consciously reduce their consumption of single-use plastic bags and to provide them with planet friendly reusable and sustainable bag solutions.

Our vision and aspiration is to see future generations using recycled and sustainable products in their daily activities, resulting in the replacement of all single-use plastic bags.

Our Collections


Branded reusable bags that meet your needs

You know your customers – we know custom bags.
Our business-minded, brand-focused approach has launched profitable yet affordable reusable bag programs.

Let your bags reflect your brand!


fashionable reusable collection

This sustainable line of custom bags is unique to Syfel.  Featuring innovative fabrics and designed by our European designer, this collection is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Our trendy lines of bags are offered in a variety of fabrics and styles, and are made to carry all your everyday items in style.


Syfel Inc. is an international company with offices in North America and Europe.

In 2006, with humble beginnings and a vision to replace single-use plastic bags, Sylvia Feldzamen, built this business by knocking on one door at a time under the Envi brand.

Her determination to succeed has built a well-known brand as a leading international supplier of customized reusable and sustainable bags for grocery, retail stores, restaurants, conferences, trades shows, liquor stores and wineries.

In 2019, Syfel Inc. strategically expanded into the European market with a new product line of reusable and sustainable bags under the Ordina brand.

Throughout the years, the company’s growth has been built on the corporate philosophy of producing quality bags with competitive pricing.

In order to provide seamless order processing and deliveries, Syfel Inc. has permanent employees located in Asia to ensure the manufacturing and delivery of each order meets client specifications.

Moving forward in 2020, Sylvia and her team will be continuing their efforts in providing personalized service and innovative solutions in replacing single-use plastic bags one at a time while contributing to the well-being of the environment for future generations to come.

Proudly certified by the Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs)

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