Brand your company with trendy sustainable reusable bags.


We at Syfelbags know that going green is as much about smart marketing as it is about smart living. That’s why we deliver more than just a bag. Our  dynamic team of experts has launched profitable yet affordable, reusable and fashionable bag programs in both North America and Europe.

Custom Fabrication

At Syfel, our team of experienced designers are ready to assist you in creating your custom bags. With a wide range of reusable materials available, give us your size, shape, color or printed graphics that you desire and our staff will ensure that your vision becomes a reality.


We pride ourselves in manufacturing our bags using recycled materials to create reusable and sustainable products, which have the potential to make a great difference to the environment and our planet. Our materials such as Stitchbond (R-PET), Cotton Canvas, R-PET, and Jute are durable and eco-friendly.

Quality Control

We love to exceed your expectations, which is why our bags are, manufactured in dedicated facilities, which have stringent quality assurance procedures. From the materials we use to the final manufacturing, our team in China ensures that each step throughout the process is reviewed, to ensure the delivery of top-quality products and on time.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to replace single use plastic bags by innovating, new methods using recycled materials to produce sustainable bags. 

Our vision is to see people all over the world bring reusable bags with them when they shop and not just for groceries but for everything. Therefore, eliminating the single use plastic bag forever.

The Collections


Branded reusable bags that meet your needs

You know your customers – we know custom bags. We offer a variety of fabrics, polypropylene, insulated, cotton, thermal, laminated or not – the choice is yours.

Ideal for grocery stores, retail outlets, liquor stores, as well as event and promotional products.


fashionable reusable collection

This sustainable line of custom bags is unique to Syfel. Featuring innovative styles and designs, which are manufactured entirely out of 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

Offered in a variety of sizes and designs, this affordable line of bags has great appeal.



Syfel Inc. is a certified woman-owned business, with over 20 years as manufacturer of reusable bags is vigilant in its mission to replace the single use plastic bag by innovating new methods in using recycled materials to produce sustainable bags.

As one of the largest custom reusable bags supplier in North America with offices in Europe, Syfel is an international company with logistic capabilities to ship anywhere globally.

Sylvia Feldzamen continues to lead the company forward, expanding its core company culture and forging stronger relationships by offering personal service.

Our company is committed to donating 1% for the Planet to a global organization inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions.

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